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La Perla



The artisanal heritage, the know-how of the female body, the fusion of innovation and tradition, the Italian identity. These solid points are the chromosomes of the La Perla DNA, the most authentic legacy of the founder Ada Masotti. And today they represent the philosophy of this Italian company that is famous worldwide for its collections of underwear and beachwear that have awakened desires and extolled the bodies of thousands of women. The La Perla essence was created by hands possessing a knowledge that is both ancient and always new. Unique and precious. Like a gesture of love.



Ada Masotti, an artisan skilled in the tradition of hand crafted Italian corsetry founded a lingerie atelier in Bologna. The name “La Perla” was inspired by a case lined in red velvet in which she presented her creation as if they were jewels.


In the Fabulous Sixties fashion became colourful, sexy and anti-conventional. On the wake of these innovations Ada Masotti proposed coloured underwear taking inspiration from the most fashionable patterns of the time.


La Perla entered the world of beachwear combing charming  aesthetics with a continued search for new designs.


The Seventies’ fashion lengthened the figure and uncovered the legs which led to a requirement of sleek and very natural line of underwear. Ada Masotti proposed a very feminine lingerie that was at the same time carefree and non-constraining.


La Perla launched the first ever stretch lace wide-shouldered body, a forerunner of the “under-jacket” bodysuits which championed a new type of lingerie specifically designed to be shown off.


La Perla Parfum, the first La Perla fragrance was created expressing the essence of La Perla’s luxurious and seductive style. The bottle, a winding shape that evokes the feminine figure, is created by renowned designer Pierre Dinand.


The company began its retail distribution with the La Perla Boutiques situated in the pulsating heart of the capitals of international fashion and ambassadors of the La Perla dream in the world.


Picking up the trend of “minimalism” La Perla launched Sculpture, a bra that exalted in a natural way the shape of the body. This bra became the cornerstone of a new type of La Perla lingerie: essential is yet sartorial.


The Italian photographer Marino Parisotto volume “Senso”. Pictures taken from this book were exhibited in the main fashion capitals amongst which, London, at the Serpentine gallery.


Launch of the “Brassiere-Bretelle “, a bra with an innovative shape worn by Rebecca Romljn-Stamos in the film “Femme Fatale” by Brian de Palma.


La Perla interpreted the trend of “deluxe transgressions” creating La Perla Black Label, a special line of “sexy chic” lingerie characterised by intriguing themes and stunning details.


To celebrate its 50th anniversary, La Perla created a Limited Edition Collection made with very light Valencienne lace created exclusively for La Perla on the 19th century looms of Calais.


La Perla launched the Cage Bustier worn by Victoria Beckham in the video of “Headlines”, the Spice Girls’ reunion song.


With the ShapeCouture project La Perla entered the shapewear underwear world with its own distinct style: tailored cuts, tulle inserts and refined openwork finishes.


As of June 2013, the company is part of Pacific Global Management, the holding company that includes in its portfolio two global networks of the fashion and music worlds, Elite World and Gold Typhoon.


La Perla launch a new concept store design created by Italian architect Roberto Baiocchi, who has also produced retail interiors for Miu Miu and Prada. The project is inspired by great Italian architecture and features transparent materials, ultra feminine range of colour shades and keen attention to lighting. The concept will be rolled out to the most prestigious La Perla’s existing 150 boutique worldwide in key capitals such as Milan, London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and will also feature in new stores.